Providing Content For Your New Website

Are you thinking of having a new website designed?

Here’s all you need to know when it comes providing content:

You as the client need to provide relevant content for your website so us (The Marketing Hub) can design your website around the information that you supply.

How do I create my content?

Make sure it’s relevant

Firstly, make sure all of your content is relevant to your business. Make sure you add what you’re about, what services you offer and your pricing. Don’t forget the important things like contact information and testimonials.

Separate your pages

When you create your pages, make sure you keep them separate. Have your About Us on one page, your services on another page and contact information on another page etc. This keeps things in order and helps us when designing your website so we can determine the layout and where to put your content.

Stick to one colour

When writing your content for us, make sure you stick to one colour. You can write your notes in a different colour but keep things simple. Deciphering a colour scheme takes time and is unnecessary.

Text only

All we need is your text, remember you’re paying us to do the designing! If you wish to have something like a slideshow or pop up box, simply write slideshow or pop up box where you want it.

Keep it consistent

Keep your text consistent, keep your body text, headings and lists the same so it is easy for us to read.

Send images separately

Please do not add images to your content document. Send all images separately. Your images can be sent by Dropbox, WeTransfer, Google Drive or email.

Lastly but most importantly….. MAKE SURE IT’S FINAL.

There’s nothing more time consuming than making big content changes when the website has been completed. Small edits here and there are fine but big changes take time. This is extra time that you will be charged for.